Rocket Pool - Your friendly decentralised Ethereum staking protocol

Stake + Run Node


Anyone can join the Rocket Pool decentralised node operator network.

Only 16 ETH

Stake with less than 32 ETH.

Higher ROI

Earn commission from staking pool ETH and RPL rewards from providing RPL collateral.
ETH Rewards
≈ 7.32% APR
+ RPL Rewards

Stake ETH


Deposit as little as 0.01 ETH and receive the rETH liquid staking token. rETH accrues staking rewards over time.


A decentralised network of node operators earn rewards for rETH holders.


Node operators do not handle funds. Any penalties incurred by node operators are taken from their earnings rather than rETH holders.
Based on 7 day average
≈ 4.74% APR


Our smart contracts have been audited by the best in the business.

Sigma Prime


Sigma Prime

Have an extensive background in information security, blockchain, and system design. They perform in-depth security assessments for decentralised systems. Sigma Prime also maintains the Lighthouse Ethereum consensus client.

Consensys Diligence


Consensys Diligence

As one of the most experienced teams in the space, ConsenSys Diligence is at the cutting edge of offensive cryptography, blockchain technology, and cryptoeconomic incentive analysis.

Trail of Bits


Trail of Bits

Has helped secure some of the world’s most targeted organizations and products. They combine high-end security research with a real-world attacker mentality to reduce risk and fortify code.

Immunefi Bug Bounty

Bug Bounty

Immunefi Bug Bounty

Are you a security researcher? Whitehat? Inline with our commitment to security we have a bug bounty program in place. Help secure Rocket Pool and earn a bounty.

How does Rocket Pool work?

Rocket Pool is the first truly decentralised Ethereum staking pool.

Liquid Staking

Innovative liquid staking token that accrues while using an increasing exchange rate, rather than rebasing which is better for DeFi and better for tax reporting.

Smart Contracts

Open source, audited smart contracts ensure funds are never in the custody of node operators.

Smart Nodes

With our custom node software any user/business/group can run a node on our network, stake their own ETH for free and generate a higher return.

Minimised Penalty Risk

Any losses that occur from bad nodes for stakers who deposit ETH are socialised across the whole network to minimise impacts on any single user.


Network redundancy and decentralisation are key pillars of the Rocket Pool network. Any potential issues and their effects are minimised using this technique.


Rocket Pool was originally designed in late 2016 using the Mauve Paper which was released by Vitalik. We've been in the space now longer than most, and it shows.

Latest News

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Our Team

Our hard-working and very experienced team.

  • Founder & CTO

    David Rugendyke

    David has over 18 years commercial experience as a senior developer with a computer science background and started designing Rocket Pool in late 2016. He is currently committed to developing Rocket Pool full time as the chief technology officer.

  • General Manager

    Darren Langley

    Darren has over 18 years commercial experience, he has managed and mentored development teams, designed application architecture, and delivered exciting digital products for government, financial services, blockchain services, and more.

  • Senior Solidity Engineer

    Kane Wallmann

    Kane has over 15 years experience in web and application development. In 2017, the Ethereum revolution caught his attention and he has been developing smart contracts and their supporting infrastructure ever since. He also makes pizza!

  • Senior Blockchain Engineer

    Nick Doherty

    Nick has over 15 years experience engineering high-level technical solutions in the advertising, e-commerce and finance sectors. With previous quant experience in traditional markets, he is now targeting these skills towards the blockchain.

  • Senior Blockchain Engineer

    Joe Clapis

    Joe has over 11 years experience as a software systems engineer and has worked on systems ranging from spacecraft simulators to quantum computers to blockchain apps. He is an avid problem solver and enjoys creating solutions to challenging problems.

  • Marketing & Community Manager

    Maverick (Nick Ashley)

    Nick earned his callsign ‘Maverick’ from a background in aviation marketing, in addition to flying light aircraft as a hobby. After bringing years of globe-spanning consulting expertise to the blockchain world, it will be put to good use helping to take Rocket Pool to new heights.


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